Benefits of Group Transportation Services for Healthcare Providers

Every year in the U.S., close to four million people either miss or delay medical care due to transportation issues. This is an enormous number of people who aren’t receiving adequate care. As a healthcare professional, your aim is to make care as accessible as possible. This is where our group transportation services in D.C. can help. At K&V Limo, we are proud to offer group transport for the healthcare industry. From hospitals to community health centers, if your patients need aid in getting to their appointments, you can charter buses, shuttles, and other vehicles through us to get them where they need to go.

Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Prevent Missed Appointments

A major goal of healthcare providers as a whole should be to reduce the number of missed appointments across the industry. The simple step of providing group transport for your patients makes care more accessible and reduces the number of missed appointments as a result.

Better Health Outcomes

If individuals miss medical appointments, they simply aren’t getting the level of care that they need. Consistently coming in more medical care has a dramatic impact on chronic illnesses, allowing healthcare professionals to provide the next level of care.

Reduce Costs of Medical Treatment

In general, the less consistent a patient’s care, the higher their medical costs climb. This is because their care is interrupted, letting issues grow more severe without proper medical intervention. By allowing patients to not worry about how to get to their appointments, they are less likely to miss them, allowing them to access the healthcare they need. Over time, this leads to longer life expectancy and better quality of life, reducing medical costs.

More Cost-Effective for Healthcare Providers

Not only do patients save on medical costs when hospitals and other health agencies provide non-emergency transportation services to their patients, the healthcare facilities also save money over time. When you look at the big picture, the cost of transportation to provide preventive care is minimal when compared to the cost of providing expensive treatments for serious health conditions. When appointments are missed, the healthcare agency also loses that time that it could provide another patient with care. By providing transportation services now, you are saving money both in the present and in the future.

Empower Patients

Transportation can be a major obstacle to accessing healthcare. Providing non-emergency medical transportation services gives more people the ability to get to important appointments, empowering them to take control of their health. When you make it easier for patients to see their physicians and other healthcare professionals, you take away another obstacle to healthcare, making healthcare more accessible to underserved populations.

Hire Us for Group Transportation Services in D.C.

At K&V Limo, we have extensive experience providing group transportation services in D.C., including to members of the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a transportation company that will provide reliable transport for your healthcare facility, we would be happy to help. Contact us to learn about our shuttle rentals and other transportation services in Washington, D.C.

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